Starting January 1st, 2023, we are requiring all players to be vaccinated against COVID-19, including the latest bivalent booster. Masks are still required in common areas. Please refer to our COVID-19 page for more information.

Fast Facts! Lombino’s Casino Operation Gryaznayavoda
Objective Explore Vinny Lombino’s poker room, untouched since 1988. Uncover the truth of Operation Gryaznayavoda once and for all!
Player Count 1-6 4*-10
Difficulty Quite. Even quite-er.
Accessibility First floor, through three doorways, carpeted rooms Basement, down one flight of stairs, carpet/tile/cement floors
Wood paneling Pervasive. Included.
Fun Quotient It’s a tie!

(*A minimum of 4 is recommended, although the game is technically winnable with 2)