Let’s be clear, by visiting In Search Of An Exit here in 2021 2022 2023 2024, you are voluntarily assuming some risk related to exposure to COVID-19. Capiche? We don’t think it’s a lot of risk, read on to see how we’re helping to mitigate that risk, but hey, this was your idea, not ours.

So, how are we making things safe(r)?

  • First and foremost, we are prioritizing the safety of our staff and players by requiring that all players 5 or older must be vaccinated against COVID-19… and we obviously encourage getting the fall 2023 boosters if you haven’t already! (Pro-Tip: Our neighbors at Lecare Pharmacy have vaccinated more folks than literally any other pharmacy in Oregon, no appointment necessary, just walk up, get boosted, and then come play!)
  • Secondly, we encourage players to wear face coverings in the common spaces (the lobby and bathroom), and encourage continuing to wear them inside the games as well.
  • Additionally, we’re only running each of our games a maximum of five times a day, with the start times spaced at least two hours apart.
  • We have some robust HEPA-grade air purifiers, which are effective at capturing particles smaller than the COVID-19 virus. Inside our games, they are performing a complete air exchange approximately every 6 minutes.
  • All of our bookings are private, you will never be paired up with other guests. (Honestly, we had been doing it that way for years before COVID anyway.)
  • There’s hand sanitizer everywhere! EVERYWHERE. Help! It’s in the walls!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.